Brave Branding Live Day Irresistible!

Brave Branding Live Day Irresistible!





November 22, 2019 9.30 AM – 6 PM/CET

Attract amazing clients by growing your impact and build a community of likeminded people. *Not in a masculine: This is my helicopter way! But in a feminine kind-of-way, that is the result of deep connection and communication *
You will meet truly amazing women *it will be a great way to network, reach out, make new business friends and feel completely energized!

You will eat the best organic lunch (all homegrown in the lovely biodynamic garden of the restaurant) and will return home fully nourished, energized, loved, and with a plan AND mindset that WILL do the WORK FOR YOU! ​

By the way, the lovely organic lunch, drinks, and snacks are included!

Landhuishotel Restaurant Rikus
Hoofdstraat 10
9463 PC  Eext, Drenthe

There is a limited amount of tickets available. Too late? Let us know and we add you to the waiting list!


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